L.E.D. Flood 800W – 5K (MODEL 05-800W50KXX-05)

The Flood Light series developed by Lighting Enhancement Distributors, LLC are state-of-the-art flood light fixtures made with the highest of quality materials and superior engineering. The series includes a 200W, 400W, 600W, & 800W model.


The following specifications pertain to the 800W Flood Light:


Power Consumed:  800 Watts

Voltage Range:  90~528 Vac / / 312~528 Vac

Beam Angle:  15 Degrees / 40 Degrees / 65 Degrees

Total Luminous Flux:  72,286 lumens at a 15 Degree Beam Angle / 66,252 lumens at a 40 degree beam angle / 67,668 lumens at a 65 degree beam angle.

Luminous Efficiency:  93 lumens per watt ~ 100 lumens per watt (+/- 5 lumens per watt)

CRI:  72

Color Temperature:  3,000K / 5,000K / 5,700K

Size:  540 x 583 x 268 mm

Weight:  21 kg (66.4 lbs)

Lifespan:  +/-50,000 hours


All of our flood lights are completely waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

If interested in purchasing two or more flood lights, please contact us for bulk pricing.

This product comes with a 3 year limited manufacturers warranty.





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